Thursday, March 8


I've decided to change my blog name, I feel like this name change fits me better. I'll keep my old posts up on a-noelle but I will no longer update here anymore.

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Thank you!

Wednesday, March 7

Mint Condition

Green isn't really one of my favorite colors to wear only because I used to find it hard to create an outfit based on the color. Lately I've been finding different shades of green to be appealing and I actually want to start incorporating it into my wardrobe. I'm still not daring enough to wear an all green outfit so for now, I'll take baby steps. For people like me who are still new to this color, what I recommend is to keep the outfit simple and that less is more. Have one main focal piece and create an outfit based on that piece.

Here are some ways that you can incorporate this color into your wardrobe.
Blouse & Pants: Madewell | Cardigan: Old Navy | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bag: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Anthropologie

I love this mint colored silk blouse from Madewell because it adds a pop to your wardrobe. A mint green blouse can be a little hard to create an outfit around but adding a patterned cardigan can tone down the bright color but also bring it together. Simple jewelry works well with this look as do chunky jewelry. In this outfit, I paired it with a stone necklace from Anthropologie that also has a pop of neon. Neutral colored denim works well with bright colors; you don't want to wear too much of one color because it could be overwhelming to the eye. Keep the shoes simple since everything else in the outfit pops.
Pants: Madewell | Blouse: Old Navy | Shoes: bed|stü | Clutch: See by Chloe | Sunglasses: fredflare

Green pants can be a little intimidating to wear because it can be overwhelming to pick a shirt and a pair of shoes that goes well with it. I recommend picking a dark color because I feel that dark color pants are easier to pull off than bright green ones. Also, picking a dark color can transition well into other seasons such as the Fall. For your top, pair it with a white tee and layered jewelry to make it more fun or you can be daring and pair it with a patterned blouse like I did above. The shoes can be simple or you can wear it with a fun printed heel. For example, cheetah print would look great with cuffed green jeans.

Blazer: Romwe | Dress: Delia's | Shoes: Madewell | Necklace: J. Crew | Earrings: Madewell

For this outfit I made the shoes to main point. It's a suede heel from Madewell that you can wear for different occasions. The dress is subtle; it's not too revealing but it also hugs you in the right places. The heart prints make the dress a little more sweeter and fun too. Add a blazer or a shawl above the dress, a few pieces of gold jewelry and you're good to go for the night.

What are some other ways that you fit green into your wardrobe?

Wednesday, February 29


I've been so busy lately with school that I haven't gotten much time to relax. I start classes early in the morning and they end late in the afternoon so I'm basically on campus the whole day. I don't have much time in the morning but with the little time that I do have, I manage to fit in a morning routine to get myself somewhat presentable and ready. Here are some essential pieces that I use to get ready and to also get me through the day.

Kérastase Lotion Densitive Spray - I have thin hair so I use this treatment to help thicken it. I spray this as soon as I get out of the shower and comb the treatment in so that I can effectively get all parts of my hair. Just a couple of sprays does the trick.
Aveda Smoothing Fluid Lotion - Before I use a straightener I like to put a small amount of Aveda on my hair. The smoothing lotion helps eliminates frizz and keeps my hair smooth and shiny too.
Hanaair Professional Hair Dryer - I love this hair dryer not only because it dries my hair quickly, it helps keep it straight and shiny as well. You can adjust the heat easily with its 2 choices of fan speeds and 3 different heat settings. It's perfect for a person on the go because it dries your hair quickly and effectively without leaving it frizzy.
Also, be sure check out Misikko's Croc Hair Straightener.

The finished product, how my hair looks after using those three products.

(Alexa Chung for Madewell clutch)

Evian facial spray - I have dry skin so I spray this on before I put on any lotion and SPF on my face. This is a great moisturizer that freshens up, tones, and wakes up your face.
Shu Uemura fiber Xtension lengthening mascara - Shu Uemura is probably one of my favorite brands for mascara because it goes on my eyelashes smoothly and doesn't leave any clumps. It's an instant lash extension and is long lasting.
Rexona Antiperspirant Deodorant - This is a good choice for people who have sensitive skin in their underarms. It goes on smooth, light, and lasts the whole day. It also has skin lightening cream that helps lighten and smooth your skin so it doesn't leave dark smudges as you put it on.
Gilchrist & Soames body lotion - I have to admit, I love getting lotion samples from hotels and department stores. Gilchrist & Soames is a favorite of mine because it's smooth and leaves my skin feeling hydrated. The scent is subtle and not overbearing as well.
Origins Out Smart Daily SPF 25 - It's important to protect your skin, especially your face, so putting on SPF daily is a recommendation. Origins is my favorite because it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy and holds up well and it also works with all skin types.
Shu Uemura eyelash curler - This may sound silly but I feel incomplete if I don't curl my eyelashes. I really like Shu Uemura's eyelash curler because it gives every one of my lashes the perfect curl.
Pure Grace by philosophy - This is one of my favorite perfumes because it has a clean scent that makes me feel like I just stepped out the shower. I like scents that aren't overpowering and that smell natural so this is the perfect scent for me.
Hand sanitizer from Target - You always need to have hand sanitizer in your bag. It's good to keep your hands nice and clean.
Chapstick - Always remember to keep your lips moisturized!

Monday, February 27

Deadly Viper Assassination Squad

Fashion Week Fall 2012, I have to say is one of my favorite seasons in Fashion. I couldn't help but notice that most of the collections for Fall had similar themes: clothes that were made for women to feel strong, sexy, and a little mysterious. It seemed like some of the collections also had a certain cinematic flair to them as well. Some of my favorite collections included Thomas Tait who described his collection to have a "raw, unstable" feel to it. Prabal Gurung played with the idea of "Hell and Heaven" while Yigal Azrouel embraced the notion of "privacy". Aquascutum's collection was "dark and dangerous" and Peter Som described his collection for the woman who wants to feel "strong and sexy".

Viewing all these great collections had my mind racing and served as inspiration. Somehow my imagination ended up to the Kill Bill series. When looking at some of my favorite pieces, I pictured what the female characters would have worn in the modern day. Here are some of the concepts that I came up with.

(Thomas Tait, Tess Giberson, Prabal Gurung, Aquascutum via

Beatrix "Black Mamba" Kiddo - She's a woman on the move, a woman with drive and determination. I pictured her wearing clothing that's not too constricting; clothing that allowed movement. You wouldn't necessarily expect her to be a dangerous woman but when she walks into a room, you would definitely turn to see who she is. The modern day Beatrix Kiddo would wear simple and comfortable clothing, nothing too flashy but nothing boring either.

(Calvin Klein, Preen, Sachin + Babi, Thomas Tait via

Vernita "Copperhead" Green - She was the only one in the squad ended up with a normal life in that she married and had a child and although she was a domestic woman, she was still a woman that could kick your ass. Her clothes would have to be simple but still have a certain edge to them, just like Vernita did. The type of clothes that a woman with a few tricks up her sleeves would wear sleek silhouettes with an element of surprise.

(Tess Giberson, Reed Krakoff, Peter Som, Preen via

O-Ren "Cottonmouth" Ishii - In my opinion, O-Ren had the strongest personality out of all the women of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad in that she demanded attention wherever she went. She was a powerful yakuza boss who did not play around. I pictured a modern day O-Ren Ishii to wear clothes that only a woman with confidence could pull off - A mixture of strong silhouettes with a touch of femininity on the side and clothes that were elegant and modern at the same time.

(Donna Karan, Rag & Bone, Doo.Ri, Yigal Azrouel via

Elle "California Mountain Snake" Driver - Elle Driver had this dangerous sexiness to her that intrigued but frightened me at the same time. In the movie, she wore a lot of clothes that hugged her body and showed her curves and to me, the modern day Elle would wear the same thing. I can picture a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality to be wearing dresses that emphasized her curves and suits that hugged in all the right places.

What were some of your favorite collections for the Fall and what kind of ideas inspired you?

Monday, February 20


I apologize once again for the lack of posts. To be honest, I've lost some motivation for the last couple of months. I found myself at a loss of words and I didn't know what to write about anymore. But over the weekend I got to catch up with some of my family members and one special person in particular gave me a dose of motivation that I needed to start up my blog again.

I'll be updating my blog more often now, so expect to see an influx of posts this weekend. Thank you for your patience!

- A