Tuesday, May 31

Rings and Things

I think it's safe to say that I have an obsession with jewelry, especially rings. I feel like they add that extra pop that your outfit needs to make it complete. It's fun finding them from different places and collecting them too, it's almost like going on a hunt and finding treasure.

Sunday, May 29


I love Carmel. It's so beautiful, peaceful, and perfect. The last time I visited Carmel was 6 years ago with my parents and I'm happy to say that it hasn't changed a bit. I love that it's still not overcrowded with tourists and that the locals are still as nice as I remembered them to be. I love the chilly weather and the smell of the ocean as you drive down the small roads. I just love the whole vibe of the city, it's perfect.

Random shots of San Francisco

Saturday, May 28

Wine & Dine

I went to my first vineyard today with my parents in Napa Valley. We went to the Robert Mondavi Winery because it was recommended by the Travel Channel and they also had great reviews from some of our family friends. The vineyard was small compared to the others around Napa but it was beautiful.

There was a homey feel to it as soon as you walked onto the property and the staff was gracious and attentive. I'm not really a big wine drinker but the selections that they had was really tasty. I tried a red Pinot Noir (not my favorite, was a little too musky for me) a Chardonnay (it tasted fruity and had a little zing to it) and a Sauvignon Blanc (tasted clean and light). But my favorite was the Moscato and it was probably the best Moscato I've ever had. Coincidentally they had a special on the Moscato so I bought a bottle that I intend to pop with some of my girl friends next time we have our girls night.

Overall the experience was fun. I like learning and trying new things especially when it comes to food and booze (haha). I would definitely go back again.

Thursday, May 26

Cheap Thrills

I love me a good bargain, especially when it comes to clothes.

I found this skirt for only $10 at Urban Outfitters! It was the last one in my size too so I just had to purchase it. What I love about the skirt is that it's an easy transition piece and that I can wear it during any season. For the warm summer days, I can just wear it with a loose tank and some sandals. For the more cooler weather, I can wear it with a soft long sleeve, tights, and then belt it. I can already tell that this will be my new favorite staple in my closet.

Little Monsters

Hand made original work from local artists found at Donna Van Gogh's in Candler Park. Aren't these little monsters adorable? I want to go back there again and purchase more stuff for my random collection.