Tuesday, July 26


(Shirt: Alexa Chung for Madewell | Sunglasses: fredflare)

Hello :)

Friday, July 22

LIttle Five Points

Shirt: J. Crew (On Sale!) | Shorts: Charlotte Russe (On Sale!) | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: Me&Ro | Rings: From San Francisco flea markets | Shoes: Madewell
(Pictures by IndiantoPhotography)

My good friend Ariella and I went around Little Five Points today to take a few shots for her photography portfolio and for my styling portfolio as well. It was cooler earlier during the day and then it turned scorchingly hot afterwards. Needless to say I was burning up in my leather shorts and long sleeve shirt (see the sweat stain forming in the last picture? haha) but Ariella got some great shots so that's all that mattered! I really admire her photography, check out her blog and website for more pictures!

Tuesday, July 19

Cheap Thrills: fredflare.com

1. Robin's Nest Clutch, $24
4. Maverick Sunglasses, on sale! $4.99

Fredflare is one of my favorite websites because they not only sell random yet adorable things but also some reasonably priced clothing and accessories as well. Some of my favorites are their popular sunglasses (the most expensive they have is $14, who can beat that?) they sell out pretty quickly so grab a pair when you can!

Admiring: Anthropologie Necklaces

1. Amarna Necklace

Necklaces are my favorite add-ons to any outfit. I feel like they add a little something extra to make the whole thing complete.

Lately I've been admiring the new collection that Anthropologie has for this season. Some of the pieces are a little pricey because of their material but they are still beautiful none the less. My favorite is the Amarna Necklace, just throw it on with a flowy blouse and skinny jeans, or wear it with a dress for a night out and you're all set to go.

What are some of your favorite add-ons to your outfit?

Thursday, July 14

Moves Like Jagger

Who else is loving the new Maroon 5 song appropriately named, "Moves Like Jagger"? I can't help but dance a little bit whenever I hear the song come on.

(images via style.com)

On another note, I'm really loving the Fall 2011 RTW this year, especially the collections by Phillip Lim, Doo.Ri, and Vena Cava.

Phillip Lim has always been a favorite of mine because of his effortlessly cool style and his collection this year did not disappoint me. Some of the pieces I couldn't stop dreaming about were his tailored coats and the white dress with the little sparkle it had on the sleeves. Doo.Ri is another favorite and her clothes always look so comfortable and easy to wear. No one can drape as well as Doo.Ri and she really showcased her talent this season. (Hey Ms. Doo-Ri, Can I have those blue silk pants?) And last but not least, Vena Cava. I felt like their collection was what every cool girl would be wearing this fall. They had crop tops with cut outs on the sleeves, off the shoulder dresses, and long silk dresses - perfect for a night out.

Does anyone feel like the pieces shown above could be worn by Bianca Jagger herself? I feel like some of the pieces are very Studio 54, very cool, very hip. Maybe the song by Maroon 5 has been influencing my fashion taste as well.

Friday, July 8

The Burning House

If your house was burning and you only had a few minutes to grab a few things, what would you take with you? Would you take only the things that were necessary or would you pick things that had sentimental value to you?

I've always loved seeing the "What's In Your Bag?" posts but the The Burning House takes it to a different level. It's interesting to see the different things people would grab. I think in a way, it says a lot about that person. Just like the website says, "What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities."

1. Keroppi pillow - I've had this pillow since I was a baby. It's tattered, old, and a little bit smelly but I have an attachment to this pillow and it has sentimental value to me.
2. MacBook - I know a laptop is replaceable, but I have many photos and files that are in the computer that are irreplaceable. So this is a definite take.
3. Michael Kors watch - Another piece with sentimental value. My mom gave me this watch and is one of my favorites.
4. Mors lip balm - You always need lip balm!
5. iPhone - An essential for communication.
6. Super sunglasses - One of my first big purchases that I ever made on a pair of sunglasses. Definitely worth the pay, they are my all-time favorite pair.
7. Wallet - This would be one of the first things I would grab. Inside is my ID, passport, SS card, credit cards, etc.
8. My three favorite scarves - I have a little collection of scarves but these three are my favorites. One of them was given to me as a gift from my Aunt who bought it in India and the other two are from my favorite store, Madewell.
9. Autographed book by The Sartorialist - Scott Schuman is an inspiration to me and meeting him was quite an experience. He even signed my book! It's irreplaceable to me. How many people can say that they got to meet him and get his autograph?

Wednesday, July 6


I LOVE a good bargain. Over the weekend I did some serious retail therapy and found some great pieces. I couldn't believe that some of the things I found were even on sale. My three absolute favorites are pictured above.

I wanted a sequined skirt since last fall and I was so happy when I found this baby in J. Crew. It was the last one and in my size too so of course I just had to get it. The long-sleeved shirt, also from J.Crew, is thin enough to wear in the summer and it's incredibly soft. And last but not least, the shoes. A sand colored heel that's surprisingly comfortable by the Olsen twin's line, Elizabeth & James.

I'm so excited to wear these pieces! Not much is needed for the outfit, just a simple watch and a bracelet and I'm ready to head out the door. Maybe I'll wear them this weekend for a girls night out? :)

Monday, July 4

Happy Fourth Of July!

A new take on patriotism - Red, White, and Blue with sequins!

Beer flavored snow cones for watching the fireworks display.

A southern twist, drumsticks with biscuits and tomato jam.

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I hope everyone has a great day!

(pic 1 via Glitter Guide, pic 2 via flickr, pic 3 via Foodnetwork)