Saturday, June 25

Street Style: Tokyo, Japan

One of my favorite fashion capitals of the world is Tokyo, Japan. The colors, patterns, textures; everything about Tokyo fashion just fascinates me. When I visited Japan last winter I fell in love with three particular districts of the city, each of them having their own unique style.

I'm sure many of you know about Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku girls. Remember how wacky their outfits were? They had all these frills, colors and patterns that didn't seem like they would work but they did. That's what I love about Harajuku, it was so over the top and out of this world that it just made sense. I loved seeing the different styles from gothic lolita, to visual kei, to cosplay - everywhere I turned there was something interesting that caught my eye. I can't find many words to describe Harajuku, but all I can really say that it's a place worth visiting because it's definitely like nothing you've ever seen.

Shibuya is an area where many young people like to be. The area is the 'hip district' and is thriving with restaurants, bars and clubs and the streets are always packed during the night. Shibuya has this kind of cool, down-town feel to it and the clothing reflected that vibe. There were lots of young people wearing leather mixed with lace, bright colors, printed scarves and different textures of fabrics. The people here were effortlessly cool and they seemed like they knew it too. This is definitely a place to go for a night out in the town with your friends.

And lastly, Ginza. This is the area where most of the upscale shopping stores is located. The style here is mostly polished and sophisticated. Many people here mixed designer labels with 'low-end' everyday wear and the men and women always looked well put together. You can see a lot of business men and women having their afternoon lunch with clients, or see those "ladies who lunch." This is the area for high end finds but if you can't afford to break the bank, it's also a great place for people watching too.

Tokyo is definitely a unique city and there are few words that could really capture the city's style. All I can say is that it's worth visiting because you will not be disappointed.

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  1. I love all of these styles. I really want to visit Tokyo one day. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

    - Meredith


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