Monday, July 4

Happy Fourth Of July!

A new take on patriotism - Red, White, and Blue with sequins!

Beer flavored snow cones for watching the fireworks display.

A southern twist, drumsticks with biscuits and tomato jam.

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I hope everyone has a great day!

(pic 1 via Glitter Guide, pic 2 via flickr, pic 3 via Foodnetwork)


  1. OMG ANDEE! Can you cook for me? I'm so serious...we can go to the grocery store can tell me what utensils/pots/pans you need to cook, and I will pay for the food! Btw, I love you for commenting on my blog! I'm thinking about starting a youtube channel...just don't know whether or not i'm up for criticism

  2. Of course! I would love to cook for you Evelyn :) And you don't have to pay for the food silly!

    I love your blog and I'm so happy for you :) As for the youtube channel, I say...go for it! And criticism is normal, you just have to learn to differentiate between constructive criticism and the haters ;P


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