Thursday, July 14

Moves Like Jagger

Who else is loving the new Maroon 5 song appropriately named, "Moves Like Jagger"? I can't help but dance a little bit whenever I hear the song come on.

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On another note, I'm really loving the Fall 2011 RTW this year, especially the collections by Phillip Lim, Doo.Ri, and Vena Cava.

Phillip Lim has always been a favorite of mine because of his effortlessly cool style and his collection this year did not disappoint me. Some of the pieces I couldn't stop dreaming about were his tailored coats and the white dress with the little sparkle it had on the sleeves. Doo.Ri is another favorite and her clothes always look so comfortable and easy to wear. No one can drape as well as Doo.Ri and she really showcased her talent this season. (Hey Ms. Doo-Ri, Can I have those blue silk pants?) And last but not least, Vena Cava. I felt like their collection was what every cool girl would be wearing this fall. They had crop tops with cut outs on the sleeves, off the shoulder dresses, and long silk dresses - perfect for a night out.

Does anyone feel like the pieces shown above could be worn by Bianca Jagger herself? I feel like some of the pieces are very Studio 54, very cool, very hip. Maybe the song by Maroon 5 has been influencing my fashion taste as well.


  1. I have no idea who Bianca Jagger is...but I feel like I pay so much more attention to the fashion I see on tv or on the street cause of your blog!! I love the feel of your blog too..especially the pictures! It really adds to your blog and makes it memorable and unique :)

  2. i dig this song! Phillip Lim is looking good. I love how it's all really clean.

  3. Great blog! :))

    If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :))

  4. thanks for the comment!

    great post! would love to own any of the phillip lim looks!

    take care, aimee
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  5. Oh definitely very Bianca- the Doo.Ri drapyness especially! I love the metal color on the Vena Cava ladies too!

  6. drooling over the phillip lim collection! xx


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