Tuesday, July 19

Admiring: Anthropologie Necklaces

1. Amarna Necklace

Necklaces are my favorite add-ons to any outfit. I feel like they add a little something extra to make the whole thing complete.

Lately I've been admiring the new collection that Anthropologie has for this season. Some of the pieces are a little pricey because of their material but they are still beautiful none the less. My favorite is the Amarna Necklace, just throw it on with a flowy blouse and skinny jeans, or wear it with a dress for a night out and you're all set to go.

What are some of your favorite add-ons to your outfit?


  1. Ooo gorgeous choices! I love a good statement necklace too - so easy to make any outfit work. I usually swing between really dainty and really chunky - no inbetween. Cath and I are also bracelet girls because we both can't wear earrings- le sigh.

  2. Wow, these necklaces are phenomenal, especially 1 and 2. As a simple dresser, I'd probably pair either of these with a white tank and black shorts, but I can see these being styled in so many ways. And they are screaming with DIY potential!

    Great to come across your blog!
    a cleaner closet

  3. Gotta love chunky, unique necklaces! I'm a fan of #3.


  4. personally i like to add on some stop sign red lipstick to my favorite outfit...haha. joking aside. i've seen a lot of #1 here in Seoul, mostly as a headband. pretty cool

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